Monty is a New Zealand born Visual Director & Producer. Monty started from a young age as a painter, published and sponsored by a number of press outlets in Australia and New Zealand, continuing from this creative expression Monty started to establish a more diverse creative spectrum, branching out into becoming a director and producer on all levels of creative direction.

Monty Elias has worked within and contracted to MBFW since 2013, engaging from this debut in New York from MBFW this kickstart gave the opening to work for brands/companies such as Gucci/Prada/LV/Vans/Moschino to GQ/Vogue/VICE; - for people from Ty$/Pia Mia/Chase Atlantic and many more.

The goal which Monty sets his movement and all that comes into contact with MONT/MONTBLAK is to express ideas that have a higher capacity to create change, emulating emotional ideas.